Tired of Alcohol getting you down?

After many years of drinking socially, I realized that I had enough. No more getting up in the morning with a tongue that felt like I had scraped on sand.
Alcohol had  definitely outstayed its welcome.

I found  a way that worked for me and I hope it will serve as an inspiration if you also have had enough.

1.  Commit yourself 100%.  Why? Because you finally realize that there is NOTHING to go back to.

The reason that you have not been able to resolve this is because you have been wishy-washy.  Don't have one foot on your intended path while still have the other on the old, toxic one.  It does not work.

2.  You need some spiritual substance as well. After all, what is alcohol if not wanting to be at a higher state than you are?   Start reading books that will wake you from your daily sleepwalking.

3.  Have goals.  Write them down.  Look it over and be accountable every night. But be gentle to yourself.  Just baby steps, one day at a time.  Not waking up with a hangover is a huge accomplishment!

4.  Every time you feel weak and fragile, promise your tommorrow self, the one that will get up tomorrow; that you will protect it. The decision you make today makes all the difference.

5.  Don't worry about what your drinking buddies will say, but please do be prepared.
     When they ask "soooo you are not drinking anymore?"  You just smile.  Take a moment to:

      Inwardly say to yourself,  I sure do! I drink, coffee, raspberry, mint, green, black tea. I drink chocolate, deliciously tall, frozen, glasses of water with a fresh twist of lemon, you get the idea.  (MAKE SURE THAT YOU SUBSTITUTE WITH SOMETHING YOU DO ENJOY.  This is what you will automatically ask for when going out).    Picture how good you are going to feel the next day!  

 However,  out loud just say ; "Not anymore.."  Do not get into a dicussion about it.  If you were diabetic you would not have to explain yourself.

If there was something that every time you ingested made you look and talk like a fool, made you fat, ill and irritable, would you  ingest it?

Alcohol might be tolerated fine by your friends.  That is their concern how much they will endure.  Its not your concern to judge them or make them change.  Just know that for you your body reacts to it like it was poison.  Its not a man thing either. Many "manly" men do not drink.

You have a responsibility. You came into this world with gifts. Just being your best creative self is a gift; your creativity is a revelation of who you are. It is the perfume of your being, as the flower is from the plant.  Alcohol holds back your creative vibration.
There is a lot of information that AA gives that is very helpful. I only add daily common sense ideas that help me no longer miss it.

For more tips if you are tired of being sick and tired:

 "Your leechcraft would have had me crawling on all fours like a beast!"  
  King Théoden

Love the term "Recovery."
"Sobriety" is such a grim word that does not show at all what it can mean: Sanity and just plain Freedom.    


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