Is the sky falling?

Remember back when Lauren Hutton went just a wee-bit crazy and hacked up her hair? 

 She frankly stated that the news made her do it. 

I think we all know what she means.  Gave up watching news on TV a while back.
All headlines and no substance.   PBS is all I can take.  Lots of substance, but..bit dull.

This constant "the sky is falling" mentallity.  Sure sells tv ads.  Even the weather folks have this fever. It no longer rains, Now most of the time its "extreme raining."   

I  don't know.  No matter how bad they tell us it is, I don't think it can be worse than living in those "good ol' days." Specially after watching Hell On Wheels.

After all, can you imagine  living in the 1800's and having hooligans coming into your 'hood to plunder your treasure and defile the women?     And No 911! 

"Weather forecast for tonight: Dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning."

George Carlin

hell on wheels,  older women

R.I.P. Robin Williams

This news has felt catastrophic.  I always felt Robin Williams to be the pied piper of our generation; Taking us to warmer shores.
Our loss. Heaven's gain.

Not much to say.  Just too stunned.