Even weed has its limits

Is weed the new king?   Not too long ago tattoos were only for sailors and  Popeye. No respectable person would be caught dead with one.  Now folks will have permanent ink on their tender skin without thinking twice. Some can't even tell you what the design means.  We either demonize or idolize.
Pot seems to be going in that direction.  Remember when weed was thought of as just one step from complete perdition and heroin addiction?  Now it is said to cure anything from cancer to hair loss.

This is going to set us up for some  major disappointment and weed is going to be blamed  in the fall out.

When I wrote a blog for those that may want to stop drinking alcohol, I got some emails asking what did I think of weed.  First let me say that everyone's taste is different and  to each his own.

I enjoyed my run with alcohol and had a lot of fun. However, now all it does is make me feel like crap.

At this stage in my life to me weed is preferable. I don't understand why it is taking so darn long to legalize!  Weed does not give hangovers, or have any calories. Its wonderful to use when binge-watching TV,  its fun to dance with and can even be inspiring. 

But lets be honest. It is not wonderful for conversation.  Is there anything more boring than having to speak to someone that is stoned, or drunk for that matter? Marihuana is not wonderful for motivation. Its impossible to study or read when you are high. If you want to get anywhere in life, you better do your work first and don't smoke til its done. 
When you think about it, in that respect its not that different from any other drug including alcohol. Common sense is needed. 

Its our fault for criminalizing it.  Its pathetic that so many think medical marihuana is normal. Its like people thinking they are trying tea when its actually red bull.

Now that corporate America has gotten their cold tentacles on it, that is pretty much all there will be.  Weeds on steroids. After all, haven't we brainwashed that stronger is better?  Look at our health care system.  More drugs and less gentle ways to approach disease. The Incas chewed on coca leaves for centuries. How long did it take us before we turned it into crack?   Weed is supposed to be a gentle herb

Colorado is getting the right idea.  But does it have to come to this? When the heck are we going to be free to grow our own?

This is the article on milder marihuana for novices: