Walt Disney World what have they done to you?

Change is inevitable. But sadly, the changes I have seen at Disney have not had a lot of pixie dust magic.

Can old timers remember how exciting Innovations at Epcot used to be? If anything explains how Disney has deteriorated, this is it. Remember going into Innovations to see the cool futuristic toys and gadgets? It was one of the best parts of Epcot.

What do we have now? Liberty mutual with their lame fire insurance pitch. It's embarrassing.

Then there is The Fast Pass: It sounded like a good idea. I don't blame them for trying it, but it has ruined the flow of the place.

As if guests were not worried enough they will miss something; now they have to coordinate to be at the right place and time for the five minute ride the fast pass scheduled.  Kind of like stilt walking on a high wire.

This creates two tiers of guests. Who likes being on line and others passing right by? This is the antithesis of what Walt Disney wanted!

The ol' school folks like me, that still think being on vacation should not have to include a schedule and electronics are in big trouble. It means that we will never get on the "popular" rides. The waiting time is ridiculous!

Hunted Mansion, Spaceship Earth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wheel of Progress, are still the top favorites after all these years. The fact that you can sit and the line goes fast has a lot to do with it.  Why not make more similar rides? Don't compete with rollercoasters, there is enough of that elsewhere.

Going to Disney was always family centered but that is going by the wayside as well. I have never seen more drunk parents in Epcot than this year.  Its not hard to see why.  We had to walk a long way before we could even find one kiosk that sold regular coffee without booze.

What do I like? The bracelet.  Its very convenient. It's so convenient that you will probably get a sticker shock when checking out if you are not careful. The parades are still magical. The Merry Christmas Party Parade was gorgeous.

Please Disney lovers let the powers that be know what you like and dislike. Let's have a Disney renaissance!