Alcohol getting you down? For Those Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Alcohol promises so much doesn't it?    
We have been manipulated, programmed and hoodwinked by a media that brainwashes us into believing that guzzling alcohol will make us look sexy, cool, rich, and just plain successful.  

What ad shows a sloppy drunk, that looks like hell, buying their beer? 

But hey, you have been asleep in a nightmare long ago.  Hasn't this boring addiction taken enough of your precious time?

I know you have tried. Why is it that often, when you are at your best, the dark cloud of temptation comes over you like a wave?

Do not fool yourself. This is war. You will need tools. Fight like a warrior. Be prepared. 

1.  Commit yourself 100%.  Why? Because there is Nothing to go back to.  The reason it has not worked for you before is that you can't be wishy - washy.   You cannot have one foot on your chosen path and another on a toxic one. It does not work.

2.  Get angry.  Yes, you have reason to be furious at alcohol. Hasen't it taken enough away from you?  It makes you ill and shames you.  It lies to you every freaking time! 

 First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.  ~Francis Fitzgerald

They don't call it spirits for nothing.

 3.  Prepare yourself. In the book "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, the warrior prepared in time of peace.  This is what you must do.

If you wait, by the  time the wave takes you over, it pulls you down into automatic pilot!  You know what I mean. When u are horrified to watch yourself do exactly what you don't want to but can't stop. Next time it comes over you,  Watch it. You are a spectator. This wave is not the real you. You don't want a drink, and this toxic energy will pass.

4.  Be ready with more than one solution before the wave comes. Have reminders with you, everywhere of the path you want to take. Take action with something positive.
(Exercise, food treat, etc.) Have the phone of a sponsor with you, a good friend, or whatever may work for you, always.

You need spiritual substance as well. After all, what is addiction if not wanting to be at a higher state than you are?

5.  Have goals. Write them down. Every time you feel weak and fragile, promise your tomorrow self, the one that will get up tomorrow morning, that you will protect that self. Next morning, you will be so incredibly grateful that you took care of yourself the day before!

6.  Alcohol has many calories.  Its okay to get be ready with a treat instead. Its okay to have fun! It is important not to feel deprived when the wave tries to take you over your soul.

It goes without saying that you cannot have alcohol in the house. But that is okay. Have wonderful things to eat, treats, and plenty of coffee, tea instead.

7.  Inspirational books are important.  You are missing something. Man does not live by bread alone. You do not have to be religious to realize that there is more to our existence than what we see with our eyes. This is also a spiritual quest. Get yourself a library card and start reading inspirational books. 

You probably have toxic friends that tell you "you just need to drink less." They are to be avoided like the plague they are.You are begging for help because you are drowning, and being  told that you just need to take larger gulps of air will not help. Don't listen.  Look closely at their life. It's worse than yours even if they don't show it.

Most important of all know, you are not alone.  This vast universe wants you to succeed. Surely you have noticed how all goes wrong when you drink too much.

The Universe is on your Side! It will definately get better.  As time passes, you will notice that you are not white knuckling it anymore.  In fact, if you let enough time pass, you wil not even miss it! older women rock

There is a way out.