Let's Kick the Can

Never, ever get old.  Your body might deteriorate a bit, but your soul never has to.

Remember that classic Twilight Zone episode, Kick the Can? 
Its about older folks that lived in a nursing home and were resigned to just hang around till they dropped dead.  Kind of like most of us.

Anyhoo, one of them has an inspiration. 
Actually the old guy got a hell of a spiritual insight. He does not dismiss it, just because it seemed simple, either.  Most of us have all kinds of intuitive perceptions.
But hey I quickly decide that they are too good to be true and make sure to forget them. These old guy actually followed it.  

In  a flash he realizes that if they just moved around for pure pleasure; that carefree feeling of youth would return. They would turn into kids again. This wise fart actually does something about it, and you know the rest.

Well, my pumpkins, we may not be kicking the can outside any time soon, it's too damn hot; but we can dance like no one is looking with the a/c full blast.
I usually turn on my Pandora online and listen to those oldies-goody-kind-of-feely songs, of course with all the shades down.  I make sure I am dancing like no one is watching. From Aretha Franklin's R-ESPECT,  Lynyrd Skynard's Gimme Three Steps, to Celia Cruz;its the beat that counts.  I find it therapeutic and haven't gone to the gym in years.

Definition of stagnation: Stagnation is the state of being still, or not moving, like a sitting puddle of water where stagnation attracts mosquitoes. Enough said!

By the way, as we age its harder to drink without feeling like crap the next day. Is alcohol preventing you from having real fun in your life?  Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

In other words does Booze have you by the throat? You have no more time to waste.

                                                    OLDER WOMEN ROCK